Write-a-Book Project - Guidelines for Teachers

1.Closing date for entries will be Tuesday 13th March 2006. We would appreciate it if you could bring them to this Centre between 3pm and 5pm.

2.We would be grateful if each participating teacher would read one set of books. These will be available on 13th March. The set can be returned to the Centre as soon as it is read, but no later than Tuesday 17th April.

3.Children should not be involved in the judging of books.

4.The label giving information about the name, class, etc, should be securely affixed to the back cover of the book.

5. Each teacher should have one class list only whether class is mixed or not (i.e. 1st & 2nd class together on one list)

6. A class list should accompany each set of books with the total number of books enclosed printed clearly on top. "R" books should be included in this list (see below). Please check your list and be sure that an absent book is not listed. Please attach a second copy of the list to the box.

7.If you are submitting books from children with learning difficulties, please put a red sticker "R" on the label and present these separately on top of the class bundle.

8.In the case of the use of word processors, the teacher should sign to verify that it is the child's own work.

9.Each child participating will receive a Certificate.

10.Each class participating will receive a Special Merit Award

11. Awards night will take place in Montague Hotel, Portlaoise on Wednesday 2nd May and in County Arms Hotel, Birr on Thursday 10th May.