List of texts for Examination in 2001 and 2002

ACHEBE, Chinua  Things Fall Apart
ATWOOD, Margaret  Cat’s Eye
BALLARD,  James G.  Empire of the Sun
BELL, Sam Hanna  December Bride
BRANAGH, Kenneth (Dir.) Much Ado About Nothing (Film)
BRONTE, Charlotte  Jane Eyre (H,O)
CHANG, Jung   Wild Swans
CHATWIN, Bruce  In Patagonia
COSTNER, Kevin (Dir.) Dances With Wolves (Film)
DEANE, Seamus  Reading In The Dark
DICKENS, Charles  Great Expectations (H,O)
FRIEL, Brian   Philadelphia, Here I Come (O)
HARDY, Thomas  Far From The Madding Crowd (H,O)
ISHIGURO, Kazuo  The Remains Of The Day
IVORY, James (Dir.)  A Room With A View (Film)
JOHNSTON, Jennifer  How Many Miles To Babylon?
KEENAN, Brian  An Evil Cradling
LESSING, Doris  The Grass is Singing
LIVELY, Penelope  City of The Mind
MACKEN, Walter  The Silent People
MALOUF, David  Fly Away Peter
MILLER, Arthur  Death Of A Salesman
MOORE, Brian  Lies Of Silence (O)
MURPHY, Dervla  Wheels Within Wheels
McCABE, Eugene  Death and Nightingales

McGUINNESS, Frank Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me
McMAHON, Brian  The Master
O’BRIEN, Kate  The Land Of Spices
O’BRIEN, Kate Cruise The Homesick Garden
O’CONNOR, Frank  My Oedipus Complex And Other Stories (O)
REED, Carol (Dir.)  The Third Man (Film)
SHAKESPEARE, William King Lear (H.O)
    Henry V
    Hamlet (H, O)
SHERIDAN, Jim (Dir.) My Left Foot (Film)
SOPHOCLES   Antigone (H,O)
TAYLOR, Mildred  The Road To Memphis (O)
TORNATORE, Guisseppe (Dir,) Cinema Paradiso (Film)
TWAIN, Mark   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The following two texts are not available for study at Higher Level

Moore, Brian   Lies Of Silence
TAYLOR, Mildred  The Road To Memphis
Comparative Modes for examination in 2001 and 2002
At Higher level : (i)  A Theme or Issue
(ii) Literacy Genre
(iii) The Cultural Context

At Ordinary level : (i) Hero / Heroine / Villain
   (ii) Relationships
(iv) Social Setting

Poets Prescribed for Higher Level

BISHOP, Elizabeth   The Fish
     The Bight
     At the Fishhouses
     The Prodigal
     Questions of Travel
     The Armadillo
     First Death in Nova Scotia
     Filling Station
     In the Waiting Room

BOLAND, Eavan   The War Horse
     The Famine Road
     Child of Our Time
     The Black Lace Fan My Mother Gave Me
     The Shadow Doll
     White Hawthorn in the West of Ireland
     Outside History
     This Moment
     The Pomegranate

DICKINSON, Emily   I taste a liquor never brewed
     “Hope” is the thing with feathers
     There’s a certain Slant of light
     I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
     A Bird came down the Walk
     After great pain, a formal feeling comes
     I heard a fly buzz – when I died
     The Soul has Bandaged moments-
     I could bring You Jewels – had I a mind to
     A narrow Fellow in the Grass

HEANEY, Seamus   Twice Shy
     The Forge
     The Tollund Man
     Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication (1) Sunlight
     A Constable Calls
     The Skunk
     The Harvest Bow
     Field of Vision
     Lightenings viii. (The annals say …)
     St. Kevin and the Blackbird

KEATS, John    To One Long in City Pent
     On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer
     Ode to a Nightingale
     Ode on a Grecian Urn
     When I Have Fears
     La Belle Dame sans Merci
     To Autumn
     Bright Star

LARKIN, Philip   Wedding-Wind
     At Grass
     Church Going
     An Arundel Tomb
     The Whitsun Weddings
     The Trees
     The Explosion
     Cut Grass

LONGLEY, Michael   Badger
     Last Requests
     Mayo Monologues 3.  Self-heal
     An Amish Rug
     Cease Fire

Sonnet X11    When I do count the clock
Sonnet XV111    Shall I compare thee
Sonnet XX111    As an unperfect actor
Sonnet XX1X    When in disgrace with fortune
Sonnet XXX    When to the sessions
Sonnet LX    Like as the waves
Sonnet LXV    Since brass, nor stone, nor earth
Sonnet LXV1    Tired with all these
Sonnet LXXX111   That Time of Year
Sonnet CXV1    Let me not to the marriage of true minds
     Fear no more the heat of the sun

Poetry Prescribed for Ordinary Level

ADCOCK, Fleur   For Heidi with Blue Hair

AUDEN, W.H.   Funeral Blues

BISHOP, Elizabeth   The Fish
     Filling Station
     The Prodigal

BLAKE, William   A Poison Tree

BOLAND, Eavan   This Moment
     Child of Our Time

NI CHUILLEANAIN, Eilean  Swine Herd

DICKINSON, Emily   “Hope” is the Thing with Feathers
     A narrow Fellow in the Grass

DURCAN, Paul   Going home to Mayo, Winter 1949

GRAVES, Robert   Hedges Freaked with Snow

HARTNETT, Michael  Death of an Irish Woman

HEANEY, Seamus   Mossbawn: (1) Sunlight
     The Forge
     A Constable Calls

HEWITT, John   The Green Shoot

KEATS, John    To Autumn
     La Belle Dame sans Merci

LARKIN, Philip   At Grass
     The Explosion
     Cut Grass

LONGLEY, Michael   Badger

MONTAGUE, John   The Cage

SASSOON, Sigfried   Everyone Sang

SHELLEY, P.B.   Ozymandias

SHAKESPEARE, William  Shall I compare thee
     Let me not to the marriage of true minds
     Fear no more the heat of the sun

SMITH, Stevie   Deeply Morbid

STAINER, Pauline   Sighting the Slave Ship

WILBUR, Richard   The Pardon

WRIGHT, Judith   Request to a Year

YEATS, William B.   An Irish Airman Foresees his Death

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