Visit to Clonaslee Co-op

We went to visit our local Co-op.
First of all we went to the office where we met Matt Barrett and had an interview with him. He was saying that this time of the year pigs, sows and piglets could get pneumonia.

Mary Delaney who used to work at the pig farm, showed us the safe where they keep the money and documents, thieves had tried to break into it. He told us that Sows have up to around 25 piglets each year. He also said that they have to keep the pigs and sows for 100 days, they have to be 105 kg, before they can be sold and then they go to Roscra to be slaughtered.

We went over to the pig house where Christy Kelly showed us to the Sows, where they were giving birth to their piglets It was an interesting experience. Afterwards we went to another pig house, where we saw 5 week old piglets. Then we visited 7 and 12 week old piglets. When we'd seen all the piglets we went to see all the pigs, they were enormous, that means they were very healthy.

After that Christy showed us the food that pigs ate. Nowadays they don't feed them with buckets, they feed them a with a computerised feed system. The water comes down from a little tap when they go to drink, it stops when they leave.

We went back to the office where Matt brought us down to the yard to show us a lorry taking away pigs. Then he showed us another pig house It had sows and boars. We were shown the old slurry pit in the yard. There was nothing in it.

Mary Delaney showed us the old office. Mary showed us the water tank. We were shown the weighing scales where the lorries go and find out what weight the pigs are. The lorry is weighed when it is empty and then when it is full of pigs,

Mary brought us down to the cattle yard. There was a red bull there. We saw the silage pit, where some people got some and gave it to the cows. The silage was along the fence where the cattle won't get out. We also saw a big pit of maize. The grass and the maize are grown on the farm and harvested in the summer.

We went back to the office, and Mary told some of us to get on to the scales, where they park the lorry and weigh the pigs. We saw some old receipts and documents. We had a brilliant time. Our favourite part was
going to see the cows because they were so cute.

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