My Grandad

My Grandad Jack Conway was the first miller to work the mill in Clonaslee Co-op.The mill was built for Clonaslee Co-op in 1965 before that they had to buy the meal. The meal was made from barley, wheat, soya bean and minerals. The meal was so good that the local farmers bought it and it made a big profit for the Co-op.

My Grandad was born in 1923. He lived in Coolagh, Clonaslee, County Laois for all his life. He married Philomena and they had three children, Mary, Joseph and John. My grandmother died after an accident and grandad was lucky enough to meet Maureen a few years later and they got married. Maureen has been very kind and gentle stepgrandmother to us all.

Grandad was a farmer as well as being involved in lots of parish things. He enjoyed ceili dancing and traditional music.He was caretaker for our school for a very long time and he organised ceili classes in our school. He kept a great eye on everyone at the classes! He was a great neighbour to everyone and helped out whenever he could. He died in 10th of May 1998 aged 75 years.

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